Finding Yourself Through Zen Meditation

What can zen meditation do into your life? How can it benefit you?

What can zen meditation do into your life? How can it benefit you?

Do you know who you are? What are the things that you like? What are the things that make you truly happy? But haven’t you noticed that it is paradoxical that right after we experience or obtain what we perceive can make us truly happy, after a brief sense of fulfillment, we feel empty again wanting to have another things? Don’t you think it is weird for us to want something in one point but long for another entirely different thing moments after that? The thing is, we humans want something and seek everything that we feel can make us happy on the outside, but never do we realize that these things are just ephemeral- entities that make us feel a brief moment of happiness. Never do we realize that we need to seek is the kind of happiness that we can just achieve inside.

Is There Such A Thing As Happiness Inside?

Have you ever wondered if you truly know yourself? Were there times when you perfectly knew what to do and how to act but when an unexpected thing happens- you just become unable to control yourself and the outburst of your emotions? Our true selves come out on times when we least expect it, when we are so stressed out about something, or when we feel tired, empty and used up. These are the moments were our true selves come out, and perhaps the demons that all along controlled our actions. You see, you have to know yourself, embrace it, and know how to make it feel joyous in order to really feel that feeling of satisfaction.

The line that differentiates the fact between knowing and not knowing yourself is very blurred and thin. But the implications and effects are really consequential in our lives. For example, if you happen to just seek happiness that can make you feel joy on the outside- a pair of new shoes, bags or phone can make you happy for a brief moment. But after some time, and a problem hits you, say losing a friend, a family member, feeling guilt, animosity, being backstabbed in the workplace, or being out casted by some people- you feel empty again, longing for more material things or entities that make you happy on the outside. But if you are truly happy deep inside and you know yourself very well- you would care less about people who backstab you, rather, see the silver lining of knowing the real people who really cares and loves you despite your imperfections.

What “I” Need- Do You Really Know What “I” Means?

Often do we say to ourselves- I need to do this or this is what I want. But really, do you know what that “I” means? Nobody truly knows and understands what “I” means and a few wants to seek its true meaning neither. Before you were born and after you die, do you know what and where that I will be and will go? The key towards knowing yourself is through understanding what that “I” is all about. It is all about embarking on a journey of knowing yourself more and understanding your deepest desires, and from these understandings, you get a deeper insight of what is essential in you and how you can live your future.

This method or journey is something that is not that easy. Many people right now struggle with the fact of not truly knowing themselves. Some become depressed while some fall in the unending and bottomless pit of being slaves of their flesh and worldly pleasure. You might think that deriving worldly pleasures isn’t necessarily bad- but really- being a slave to it is not healthy or good either. Many people feel various existential problems, but what happens is that they shrug it off because they think that their work, studies or other priorities in life matter more.

But the thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice your time or your “priorities” in your life just to embark into this journey. At most, what you would be needing every day, is a brief moment before you sleep- a method which you would practice right when you lie in bed to doze off. And regardless whether it can consume your time or effort- the fact of rediscovering your true self, deriving true and genuine joy from it, and being able to give full and new revitalized energy to yourself is a goal you would truly want and have to give more value in the end.

Entering The Realm And Path Of Zen Meditation

This is where Zen meditation comes in. Zen meditation is a field of meditation science that seeks to make people understand themselves better through music and guidance not from any other people- but from your own self. It seeks to provide a window to one’s soul and body in order for that person to understand more about himself. Essentially, Zen meditation is also about inculcating good values to someone through the realizations and visualizations that a certain music can appropriately provide to you. Entering the path of Zen is something that is not that easy. It is all about discipline, perseverance and dedication towards a path of purity and learning of one’s intention. Zen meditation originated from Buddhism.

History of Zen Teachings

Zen meditation originated from the teaching of Buddhism. The story started with Siddharta, a 29 year old prince who left his royal rights and riches in order to search something that was for him greater than life and worldly riches. He was never sure if he can something from this but after six years of unwavering discipline of living a life in full dependence with nature, he was finally able to enlighten and awaken himself. This was when he was called the Buddha, an enlightened being who was able to go one with all other creatures that walk this earth. He was able to understand everyone and was able to communicate with them. He preached about how one can fully know himself and this is when Zen teachings sprouted.

Pattern Of Journey With Us

We do understand that in this modern world, not everyone can and will have a time for themselves. That is why with utmost study and care for the teachings of the way of the Zen, we have devised a methodology wherein one can still self-actualize even with less time. Every week we would be posting new Zen material which you can read, listen to and meditate right before you go to sleep. We devised this so that you can just sleep directly and digest everything about the material that we have posted. Through this routine, without much time, you can still instill the values and teachings of Zen. In a few weeks’ time, we expect to hear from you if ever there are any changes in the way you perceive your life or career. We would love to be with you in the next few weeks. Sit back and let us start our journey towards learning ourselves more in order to achieve genuine joy and happiness!